4 Parts Of Middle School Dating More Difficult Than Asking A Girl Out

Posted on: 5 June 2015

If your friends are beginning to date or you have a crush on a girl, you may find yourself wanting to get a girlfriend of your own. However, dating in middle school can be more complicated than it appears in the movies. While you may think your biggest hurdle will be talking to the girl you like or asking her out, here are four other things you might have to deal with before you can get a girlfriend. 

Her Parents

Your crush's parents may not want her to date yet. If they allow her to date, they may have certain rules about where she can go and whether she can be alone with her date or needs to remain in groups. To make her parents more comfortable, you should meet them and follow their rules. This does not need to be a formal meeting where you ask permission to date their daughter. Instead, ask if her parents can give you a ride home or go over to her house with a group of friends. This way her parents will have an idea of who you are if she mentions she is dating you. 

Your Parents

Your parents may also not want you to date when you are in fifth or sixth grade. They may not want to drive you on dates, and they may want you to focus on other things such as friends and school work. Keeping your grades up will show your parents you are responsible enough to balance dating and school work, and coming up with creative dates that do not require them to drive you will allow you to date more often. 


Dates in movies are often events that cost money, such as going out to eat, bowling, or to the movies. If you do not get an allowance, these dates could mean asking your parents for money. Instead, keep middle school dating simple. Walking your girlfriend home, going to the park, or working on a project together can be great dates. 

Gossip and Reputation 

It is normal for people in middle school to be curious about dating. This means that they will talk about anyone who is trying to date other people, whether they are succeeding or failing. If you ask a girl out, you should expect other people to talk about it. You should keep in mind that social status can change during middle school and high school and work to build a positive reputation. This includes being nice to people who are not currently popular, not making a big deal about rejections or break ups, and learning how to let a girl down gently if she asks you out. 

Asking someone out on a date can be thrilling. However, it is important to have a plan for what you will do after she says yes or no, keeping in mind these four middle school dating hurdles that will probably affect how to get a girlfriend in 5th grade.